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ream (noun)

1. A quantity of paper, formerly 480 sheets, now 500 sheets or, in a printer's ream, 516 sheets.

2. A very large amount. Often used in the plural: reams of work to do.


After the success of last year's event, with more than 130 of the 500 drawings being sold during the vernissage,  will be repeating the REAM experiment on Friday 14th December. This time, however, we will be working with 500 sheets of A5 paper, rather than A4.

So again, we invite artists with a specific interest in drawing to be considered for the event on 14th December.

The chosen ten people will be given a desk in the café & eight hours & 20 minutes to produce fifty drawings each from the ream of five hundred collectively. The time, between midday & 8.20pm, can be used as the artist chooses.

Each piece must be completed & hung in the gallery in time for the vernissage at 9pm that evening.
None of the five hundred sheets of paper may be substituted or thrown away.

This is an experiment in creativity & stamina which will hopefully result in a gallery full of five hundred beautiful & interesting images.

The works will then be for sale at a nominal fee of 5€ each so throughout the day the exhibition will build & then slowly be deconstructed as the artworks are bought & taken away.

If you are interested in participating, please email with your details & some examples of your work or links to where it can be seen.

Closing date for applications: Monday 3rd December

All applicants will be notified by Friday 7th December


Theories which cannot be proven.
Diagrams & models of Machines which would never work.
Anotomical drawings of organisms which do not exist.

Pseudo Science as visual art.

We invite artists of all disciplines to apply to participate in PSEUDO SCIENCE, an exhibition of brand new artwork, the vernissage of which will take place on Friday 27th April.
An exciting opportunity to test yourself, experiment & see what happens with endless possibilities; we are interested in looking at the importance of the concept as a hypothesis for a pseudo-s cienti fic experi ment, the end result being the exhibited artwork.
We request that potential participants describe in as much detail as possible what they would like to produce including the expected size of the piece, materials to be used, a rough diagram of what they think it will look like (which will also be exhibited with the final piece) & how it relates to the theme of the title. The results do not necessarily have to be exactly as intended. This is an experiment. 
Applications should include links to or examples of previous work & a bit of information about the artist.
We would also like a very short summary paragraph outlining the work the artist intends to produce which will form part of the poster for the exhibition.  
Please email proposals to, to be received by the deadline of Tuesday 20th March.
All applicants wil be notified by Friday 23th March & the selected artists will then have until Wednesday 25th April to produce the new piece which will be shown at Sameheads for two weeks following the vernissage.