QuarterFlash • A new monthly radio show hosted by dsb aka Gareth Owen • 

 "A musical oasis where nothing is wrong and everything is right. Music with mind, body and soul alongside post-balearic drone, AOR rock, forgotten pop and anything else i have bought on record that i want you to hear."

Every 2nd Friday of the month.

No archiving, you have to tune in live at http://sameheads.com/

Quarterflash # 2 - Radio Rixdorf by Sameheads on Mixcloud





"I put a record on" 

"I'm my never-ending melodramatic existence i secretly play songs that reflect my most inner feelings of love and anger...we will be honored with a little live concert by Steev Lemercier and i will share some of my fetish quotes with you"

With your host Raquel Hladky

Friday June 6th  20h - 22h




"psychic radio discussion on budget throwaway superstore cults"
With your hosts Ian Liddle & J C Cullen

Saturday June 7th 20h - 22h



"Living on the Ceiling"

"Music, instances, situations and stories with your host Simon Knight"

Living on the ceiling # 1 - Radio Rixdorf by Sameheads on Mixcloud





Matt Didemus & Guests

"contemporary, classic and obscure club music with occasional guests." 


           Power Vacuum

"Monthly selection from BINTUS, pulling ancient influences from the Power Vacuum hintergrund to current and unreleased hot pix" 

Every 3rd Saturday of the month. 8-10pm 




Esoteric Exercise

"Esoteric Exercise is brought to you by Luca Lozano and Johanna Knutsson, the people behind Klasse Recordings and ZODIAC 44. Inspired by the liberty and freedom of amature/HAM radio, Esoteric Exercise features a broad range of content with regular 'themed' shows. Occasional guests from Berlin and beyond and a strict 'no archive' policy makes for an unmissable and unique radio broadcast. For more please visit klasserecordings.de"

 Begins Friday March 28th • 8 - 10pm 


Esoteric Exercise # 3 - Radio Rixdorf by Sameheads on Mixcloud






TOTAL CONTROL.  Hosted by Sarah Hamilton.

 we are the music makers 

 and we are the dreamers of dreams, 

 the movers and the shakers 

 of the world for ever, it seems.... 

 A two-hour cruise through mental suburbia showcasing the awesome sounds of my wasted youth.  Featuring pointless interviews, absurd sound bytes and good music. 



 Showcasing the best of a new generation of Italian producers as well as serious heavyweights, Slow Motion Records represents the future sound of Italian dance.


Slow Motion # 2 - Radio Rixdorf by Sameheads on Mixcloud




Harmony Molina


"Somewhere I can start all over, but with optimism in my Life"




Timmy "Vexkiddy" Lee is your host

"Grew Up Listening' is a show that's all about the music you grew up with.. not influences... just the stuff that was about and in your ears when you were a kid. Enjoy!"



Andy No Andy