The Sameheads C60 Tape Collection Series aims to release a quarterly mixtape from a handpicked artist noted for their unrivaled knowledge of a particular electronic niche.

Festival curator's, radio programmers, record label heads, promoters of note, as well as the odd mixtape from exciting up and coming artists.

Release # 1 - Andy Votel "Curse of the Tinfoil Tempura" 


Andy Votel is a musician, DJ, record producer, graphic designer and co-founder of Twisted Nerve Records and the reissue label Finders Keepers Records. 

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Release # 2 - Albion "Tapeheads" 


"Being at an Albion gig is like entering a bedouin tent and for the first time ever smell the scent of an exotic spice that you could imagine living with for the rest of your life." 

Sold Out 


Release # 3 - Silvia Kastel "Ultramarine Transmissions" 


A limited edition of 100 tape cassettes produced exclusively by Silvia Kastel for Sameheads, "Ultramarine Transmissions" is an off-shoot of Silvia's label Ultramarine Records.

"this mix is about merging contrasts, grace, desire, meandering at night, discontent, self-indulgence, the incessant search for depth, beauty and pleasure. Genre-wise, anything goes: industrial (Nocturnal Emissions), ambient, dark jungle, proto-techno dnb, noise (Acteurs, Chra), acousmatic (Bernard Parmegiani) and more." - Silvia Kastel 

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